Before i start a project i always make sure i have a solid concept. (meer…)

3D modeling

I mainly work on characters but I also do environment’s,¬†vehicles and props.



I use UVlayout, 3DS max and Photoshop to make my textures. (meer…)

About me

Hello I am a third year game-artist student, at Noorderpoort art and Multimedia.
I love to work in 3d because you can work on all angles at the same time. also because 3d art has allot of usage.
you can work in television, the film industry, games…etc.


I also like that you don’t necessarily have to ground your work in reality.
You can make the most absurd and strange things you can imagine.


Characters are my favorite thing to model. Because they are complex and can be used in games.
I find it satisfying to see my work in game engines. i like to work together with a group of people on big projects.
We do allot of projects at school were we work together to make a game or animation.


Do you have an interesting project for me?
Feel free to contact me by email or phone.